Refined Craftsmanship


We have generations of experience in crafting fine furniture. It's the competence and inherent knowledge of our loyal craftsmen that makes the real difference between us and others.


We value our people. We value their contribution to every piece of furniture we produce. The carvers, the veneerers, the finishers, the cabinet makers, the tool makers, everyone is the best in their discipline and they are all very special to us.


Every stage of production deserves the attention of our master craftsmen, and every detail is applied by hand, giving every piece that personal touch. Our attention to detail and care for every piece we produce is translated into an excellent finished piece for you. You can be sure that we will be able to achieve the finish you want.


Not only can you see the care and attention that is given to all of our products, but you can feel it. We make sure that every item is perfect both inside and out, and perfect to the touch. From what you can see to what you can’t, no detail is left to chance.