Finishing Capabilities


You can choose the best woods and the finest veneers. You can make the furniture to the highest constructional standards but unless it is finished in a way that perfects and enhances the final look, all that careful work is wasted.


Finishing is everything. At Decorus we are really proud of our finishing capability. We are expert in everything from rustic and traditional finishes through to modern finishing. We understand distressing and what looks natural and what looks contrived. We know how to produce a "naturally distressed" look and understand the different expectations from around the World.


Decorative and painted furniture is more popular than ever, but this takes very special skills. We employ specialist finishers in all sectors of finishing. We know how to produce high gloss lacquer finishes, crackle finishes, multi colour effects, silver and gilt leafing and are able to adapt our techniques to give you the particular look that you want.